Jive Mini Pods Review 2021 – If you come to think of the biggest trends in tech in the present times, we bet wireless headphones will pop up in your mind almost instantaneously.

While these wireless earphones or as most people know them – Ear Pods or Air Pods have captured the imagination of one and all, most of them are priced rather steeply. In addition to the high price point, some of these big brand offerings have been lacking the desired fit and quality.

Jive Mini Pods Review 2021

Jive Mini Pods Review 2021

Amidst all this chaos, the recently launched Jive Mini Pods are creating quite a stir. From their sleek make to their chic black colour, these Bluetooth ear pods are fast becoming a favourite for many. Besides, they seem to offer all the qualities and features of the high-end pods for a fairly smaller price tag.

Wondering what the hype is all about? Well, we are in the same boat then. Let’s go ahead and explore what the Jive Mini Pods have to offer and see whether they live up to our expectations or not!

What are super cool Jive Mini Pods?

For years, we knew that we hate to untangle cords. And then wireless earpods came as a blessing. Jive Mini Pods are easy to use, comfortable to carry, convenient to store and looksmart. The smart set of Jive Mini Pods can be easily connected to any Bluetooth-enabled devices within a 30-foot range and you are set to enjoy crystal-clear audio.

The Beamforming Microphone Technology

Wondering what it is? Well, although your major purpose for using earpods may be to listen to music, watch videos, and connect to your television set, the “beamforming microphone technology lets you make noise-free phone calls. So, how does this technology actually work? It reduces the background noise that may arise during phone calls and comfortably protects your ears from noises for the listener.

Superior Sound Quality

When tried and tested, the Jive Mini Pods offer one of the best sound quality that we have experienced. It is most likely due to the 3D sound & binaural stereo effect that has been used to design these cutting edge pods. Moreover, the top-notch beamforming noise reduction technology does a great job of cutting out the background noise so that the user can enjoy the extremely clear sound when the pods are connected. This surely makes for some great music or audio listening experience as well as loud and clear phone calls, which is quite often expected of earphones.

For what they’re worth, the pods give almost a surround-sound personal movie theatre-like experience. On full volume, they block out any other sound that could be possibly coming from the user’s surroundings and give an unmatched experience! And yes, the sound is not just loud, but exceptionally smooth and clear,

The great value addition here is that these wireless pods also boast of exemplary sound quality over the microphone, making it a great choice for people who like to make and receive calls on the go. So much so that, on most occasions, the person on the other end of the call won’t be able to guess if the user is on a crowded train or in a quiet room!

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Bluetooth Connectivity

What separates Jive Mini Pods from the contemporaries is the fact that their Bluetooth connectivity is not confined to iOS devices. As a matter of fact, these phones are compatible with all iOS as well as Android devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets and even smart TVs.

All you need to do is take the earbuds out of their case, and they will immediately get connected with your device without the need for any prompt or command. What’s more impressive is the fact that the Jive Mini Pods remain connected over a whopping 30-Foot Bluetooth range!


Well, if the fantastic features and the incredible price of these mini pods haven’t convinced you enough, let’s understand how a pair of these mini pods can change the way you talk or listen to music.

  1. Wireless feature

Wireless earpods are a must if you want to avoid the struggle with tangled cords. These mini pods eliminate the hassle. You just need to connect them to the device and put them on. Say no to tangles forever!

  1. Sound quality

If you love listening to music while working out, working, or commuting, a pair of these mini pods would be your best companion. It creates a surround sound experience that is soothing to your ears. The immersive effect isn’t lost even if you are on busy streets. With the latest beamforming noise reduction technology, you can expect nothing but music playing in your ears. The manufacturers have done a great job with the microphone as well. The microphone will capture clear sound by muting all surrounding noise.

  1. Fit

A common problem with many wireless earpods is that they keep falling out. That is not only inconvenient but problematic as well. If they fall out on the streets, you may lose them forever. But that problem has been mitigated in the Jive mini pods. These pods use the in-ear seal design so that they stay put at all times, even during workouts. The manufacturers have taken things a bit further and tested these mini pods on more than 100 human ear shapes to ensure a perfect fit.

  1. Waterproof

We all have heard claims about waterproof earpods. While some earpods are, indeed, waterproof, many fail to rise to glory. The mini pods from Jive are a class apart. Not only are they resistant to sweat, but they can also withstand rain and showers. So, if you cannot live without music while taking a shower or while walking in the rain, the Jive mini pods are for you. The hydrophobic coating on these earpods keeps the water out for good.

  1. Battery life

If you use your earphones a lot, you need the mini pods a lot. Why? Because the mini pods from Jive have incredibly long battery life. 30 hours of runtime is enough even for avid music lovers or those who love to talk for hours together. And you do not need to worry about charging them often. A 15 minute charge time would give you more than 2 hours of runtime. When fully charged, you can use the mini pods for the entire day.

  1. Compatibility
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Unlike the overpriced Airpods that offer full connectivity features only to iPad, iPod, and iPhone devices that run on iOS 10 or higher, these mini pods can connect to all devices that you may have. So, whether you want to stream your favorite movies on your smart TV or want to lose yourself in your playlist, these mini pods are what you need.

  1. Looks

Anyone who says looks don’t matter when it comes to gadgets is kidding themselves. Would you pay for a pair of earpods if they looked hideous? You wouldn’t. Everyone likes something sleek and unique. At a time when white Airpods are all that you can see, the black Jive mini pods will surely attract attention.

When using the Jive Mini Pods, the user can easily play and pause music as per their need. In addition, the user can also answer and end calls, simply by tapping on the sides of the air pods. The buttons on the pods allow the user to skip through songs without having to touch their phone.

Battery Life

These stunning Mini Pods feature a premium quick-charge technology which ensures that they get fully charged in a little over 2 hours, which is manageable and even rather convenient for most users. After a full charge, the Mini Pods offer an extended battery life of up to 30 hours, the entire duration of which can be used as dedicated talk time and/or listening time. Now if that doesn’t tell you all about the highly impressive battery life of these pods, we don’t know what will!


We found Jive Mini Pods to be extremely ergonomic to most ear shapes. For the price that these pods are offered at, they feel incredibly secure in the ear, and help the user move with ease, without being conscious of the chance of fall out! In fact, thanks to their sealed in-ear design they do not fall out, even when the user undertakes rigorous physical activities.  Moreover, these pods are extremely comfortable to wear and don’t tend to move or loosen up when worn for extended periods.

We won’t shy away from saying, that when it came to their snug fitting and overall comfort, they outdid the expensive competitors by a long shot! Trust us, we were truly impressed.

Water-Proof Make

The Jive Mini Pods come with sweat-proof technology, which makes them ideal to be worn at the time of daily workouts, which we believe is a promising feature for people who love good music while getting their daily dose of fitness activities.

Moreover, these Mini Pods feature a special Hydrophobic Coating, which helps keep even the smallest droplet of water out, thus making them as waterproof as you could possibly imagine. While we do not recommend you doing that, but these pods worked perfectly well even when worn under the shower. In fact, they didn’t show any glitch even after they dried up, thus living up to their promise of a Water-Proof Design.

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Now, this is a tricky one. While the chic black Jive Mini Pods do catch the attention of many onlookers, but it is difficult to say that they do it because they are relatively newer than their white counterparts, or because some people actually have an affinity for black. Then again, colour is largely a subjective matter, and one can’t really say if a bold colour such as black works for one and all or not!

That being said, the ergonomic shape, the sleek size as well as the elegant yet striking case of the Jive Mini Pods are all a treat for the eye and the pocket!


The set of Jive Mini Pod comes along with a handy case and a micro USB cord.


Depending on the discount and deals one can get on the newly launched Jive Mini Pods, they are rather inexpensive when compared to the staggeringly priced competitor pods. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Jive Mini Pods offer impeccable value for money. Of course, no one could be absolutely sure of their durability as of now, but there is little room for doubt on that end. After all, a product as good as this one rarely fails on longevity. We will still keep our fingers crossed, just in case!

We hope that you now have a fair idea of the various aspects of the Jive Mini Pods and can make an informed decision when it comes to investing in these wireless earphones that come with the promise of cutting-edge technology and unmatched comfort!

FAQ – Jive Mini Pods

Below are a few answers to common questions people are asking over the internet about the fabulous Jive Mini Pods.

Q: What all devices can the Jive Mini Pods be connected to?

A: The smart Jive Mini Pods are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device. It can be your regular phone, smart television, tablets, iPads, smartphones, etc.

Q: Does Jive Mini Pods work with batteries?

A: The Jive Mini Pods needs charging and can be charged usinga micro USB cord that comes along with it.

Q: How do I know my Jive Mini Pod is completely charged?

A: The Jive Mini Pod usually takes two hours to fully charge. The charging case has a light that will switch from red to blue once completely charged.

Q: What is the range reach of Jive Mini Pod?

A: The Jive Mini Pods need to be within 30 feet of the connected device to work perfectly.

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Tips for new users

Keep charging

Ensure that you keep charging the pods when not in use. If you are someone who feels comfortable or is addicted to using pods, you would have to keep charging it.

Make the full use

The Jive Mini Pod is not just a piece of earpods without wire. You can do so much with this smart accessory. With a tap on the pod, you can skip songs, control volume and pause audio. Yes! Without touching your phone.

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